Medical student hanging out in the Northeast.

Majored in Anthropology and Human Biology because human evolution is awesome. Disney nerd and anime otaku. Sometimes artist. Love to read classic literature. Can't figure out the bell on my plum stethoscope.

There is a varicella plushie in my bed and fine art on my walls. There are Batman comics around my room and string lights above my bed. Steamboat Mickey is my boyfriend. My favorite organic molecule is cinnamaldehyde.

Slightly obsessed with mangoes.

the grey-eyed goddess

i found my spirit animal

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Song: I Wanna Be Yours
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: AM
Played: 16,927 times.

If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot

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Mercury in Libra

Libra Mercury is easy going, warm and charming. They are very pleasing. They are natural diplomats, or at least make the effort. They wish everyone were equal.  

They are always looking for compromise, so everyone is happy. Opinions from either end of the spectrum can make them uncomfortable, but middle ground makes Libra Mercury happy. It may also cause them to be indecisive; they can’t help but see both sides to everything. They often turn to others for opinions when they need to make a decision.

Libra Mercury is friendly and broad minded, but they can stick to their principles when need be. They are usually rational and well balanced. Quickly changing situations can be difficult for Mercury in Libra because they don’t adapt very fast. They prefer to study an issue and slowly come to a decision.

Mercury in Libra likes the arts and they enjoy literature. If they are not expressive in the arts themselves, they enjoy supporting others.

They may not like seeing the darker side of life, and may appear to be rather shallow.

Mercury in Libra can be objective because they are able to think in the abstract. They are intelligent, but it is subtle. 

They may have a fondness for playing devil’s advocate. 

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I keep seeing white liberals on social media posting that they can’t believe what is happening in Ferguson, or that they can’t believe this is happening in America. Now I normally wouldn’t care enough about any of that to make any commentary, but they are sending me messages, outraged…

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Hmm. sort of a rough day? Some of it was self imposed. Some was, well actually also self imposed (but 6 mo ago). I’m glad it happened early into Infectious Disease.

All better now though, made myself a latte (more coffee next time) to drink with my pumpkin cake. Lookitme.<3



When I was still a fetus one of the possibilities my Mama came up with to name me was Mariela.

Then Papi shut that down real quick: this.

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So I spent the summer doing really personally meaningful and impactful work and learning super cool things and I’ll write about that later (if there is internet when I get home; if there isn’t I’m finishing Henrietta Lacks in the bathtub).

But I also spent the summer going to all the cafes in the city sampling lattes and judging them so I know. (Lavender latte’s are the best). Caffeine thirst is real.


Dark speakeasies with pretty wallpaper, explicit artwork, and bourbon-y, honey-ee drinks are also the best. 

So one time I watched this episode of South Park with my crush instead of studying Neurobiology and it was the episode where Butters was pretending to be a Mexican immigrant named Mantequilla and white people be like “oh do you want to wash windows?”


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Song: Kiss
Artist: Prince
Album: Parade
Played: 2,311 times.
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There are no such things as “opposite” genders, any more than a strawberry is the “opposite” as a plum.
Hanne Blank, Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality 
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