Medical student hanging out in the Northeast.

Majored in Anthropology and Human Biology because human evolution is awesome. Disney nerd and anime otaku. Sometimes artist. Love to read classic literature. Can't wait to buy my pretty, new stethoscope.

There is a varicella plushie in my bed and fine art in golden frames all over my walls. I want to get involved in cardiovascular research and my favorite organic molecule is cinnamaldehyde.

Slightly obsessed with oatmeal.

the grey-eyed goddess

OSCE final for this year —

Me, like an idiot, knowing what was coming, and having done this several times, still responded with “Oh WOW” when the sim. patient who was depressed, menopausal, thyroid condition, alcoholic, etc. told me she drank a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer each night.

Backtracked and apologized for sounding judgmental and gave the scrpit for suggesting cutting back and offering the resources, etc.

Answers from other students that made “Oh WOW” look less bad in comparison: 

By yourself?!

"Red or white?" "Red." "Nice."


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Wine with Mickey and Crisis. :)

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over spring break i…

read crisis on infinite earths (and nothing else). geeked out and took batgirl, nightwing, & bravest warriors volumes home; purchased gates of gotham, terror of trigon, and the death of oracle.

set the new goal of actually reading during the semester so i can finish moby dick. 

bought lots of cute and new professional clothes on salee including a button down with oranges on it.

four colors of lipstick because i love having a bright color to balance out the glasses: coral red, pink azalea, mandarin orange, and “radiant orchid”

breaks always leave me rejuvenated and inspired to be at my best once i get back to the city. printing out a list so its more tangible than existing on tumblr and being buried under adventure time gifs.

"discovered" five neew beers. (by choosing the labels that looked prettiest). Recommending: Salty Dog Apricot and Hyve Honey Ale.

shamelessfully marathoned tacky reality shows on Bravo.


will try to commit to working at the library during the week and at the bookstore and in coffee shops on weekends. anyplace with sunlight. trying to find yoga and maybe salsa to be better and fit. finding paint nights to bond with the friendlies. taking my running shoes out once it gets warm enough.

bring it neuroscience..

p.s. decided I would have an “Avenger’s Weekend” when I get back. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 and Agents of SHIELD…

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whoops haven’t updated because i don’t really have anything to say. feelings buried under thyroid hormone mechanism of action and the fact that i’ve already used 130 out of only 450 eggies. :(

give me a few days, i’ll think of something.

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once upon a time was lived a group of extraordinary girls. they were fabulous, absolutely undeniably the most attractive girls that roamed the planet.

they were similar but different in all the right ways.
they bonded via their way of getting TURNT UP
and all channeled their inner stripper from time to time
well one day they went to canada
and decided to visit the niagra falls
they met a group of really attractive boys there who they IMMEDIATELY CLICKED WITH.
and accepted the fabulous girls at face value…because they knew the girls were incredible
well then came a dinosaur
emerged from the niagra falls
everyone bought pants to canada too
and the dinosaur wanted to eat one of the girls for dinner
and the men became pussies and ran away
omg where am i going with this
so it was up to the girls to battle off with the dinosaurs
one of the girls tried to use her animal doctor magic on him
she wasn’t successful
the other tried to reason with him through her barrister training
the other girl tried to speak to it in italian
the dinasour threw up on her
one of the girls loved polar bears and became friends with the polar bear
the polar bear and her fell in love instantly
there was instant chemistry
and the polar bear called his other polar bear friends and fought off the dinasour
and then at the end of the show down, there was a firework show
and everyone was turnt up
and lil john made a guest appearance
and performed his new hit song “turn down for what”
with his dick
that’s how the niagra falls DIED

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5 Minutes Studying Challenge (click for more)


5 Minutes Studying Challenge (click for more)

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I’m so lost and alone in the singledom desert, that the reproductive system lectures today even seemed a little titillating.

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"crush" tag on tumblr.

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Favorite Eeveelution